Meet the people behind Team Nguyen Moore that keeps the campaign and movement going! We have intentionally included folks who haven't had the opportunity to participate political campaigns before. Our goal is to create a pathway for future leaders of color! We are so grateful to have all of these smart, energetic and talented individuals to build our movement.



Deputy Organizer and Student

It is incredibly important to have people like Jennifer taking positions in office. Across the nation, we’ve seen a rise in people of color, women and LGBTQ people making history and leading our communities. These diverse representations and perspectives are what bring strength to our communities and ultimately will bring growth and change.

I strongly believe that Jennifer will do exactly that. Her campaign is built upon her experiences as a native of St. Paul, as well as the voices and concerns of the people of Ramsey County. Jennifer truly has the community’s best interest in mind and is driven to dismantle the current system that oftentimes leaves us confused and discouraged. Please join me in supporting Jennifer Nguyen Moore for Ramsey County Commissioner.


Deputy Organizer and UMN Alumni

I support Jennifer because we need a leader who will challenge injustice and bring equity to our community. When I first started college at the U, I was shocking to learn how marginalized we are in the domain of politics. As a woman of color, I find it very difficult to relate myself to elected officials because I know that they do not understand our lives. Most people including myself are often forced to live with interwoven axes of discrimination/oppression: racism, sexism, cultural biases and so forth. We experience injustice on so many different levels from subtle micro-aggression to even death. The impacts of institutionalized discrimination manifest differently for each of us, such as poverty, incarceration, lower quality of education, or struggling with health care. We are taught to blame ourselves because we encounter these barriers. I know it is frustrating but it’s not our fault. No one deserves to suffer because of their identity or something they were born with.

Now is the time we should recognize that something is not right with the system and challenge the current political representation for ourselves. That is the first step we can take for a better future. We should put someone that is passionate about equity in the position of power. Ramsey County is one of the most diverse places in the state of Minnesota. Let’s not settle with someone “good enough.” We need a leader like us; someone who understands our daily struggles. Our lives will be so much different with someone who is passionate about working for us. With Jennifer, we will grow in diversity.


Super Volunteer

Jennifer lives and breathes Ramsey County services her entire life, she understands the critical resources our residents need. She will add to the county's policies, programs, and services through her values of equity, fairness, and transparency to benefit all neighborhoods. She is a leader that is needed at our government's office today and in the future. This is why I volunteer for Jennifer’s movement.


Super Volunteer

I’m excited for Jennifer because I really think that Ramsey County should have a voice at the table who is strong on issues like racial equity, in an area that needs that focus so much; for environmental justice, someone who has been through the Ramsey County system, knows the struggles of it, that’s huge for me. And Jennifer brings all of that with a lens that is inclusive and reaching out to the community to co-govern in a way that from what I see is unprecedented in the Ramsey County race.

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