Nguyen Moore Speech Presented at DFL convention

March 10, 2018


Jennifer delivered this impassioned speech at the DFL Endorsing County Convention on Saturday March 10, 2018. Every word hear demonstrates her passion, drive and desire for authentic and new progressive leadership for District 3.


Where it reads “We see you” #TeamNguyenMoore supporters chanted and cheered! View the video for the full experience!


Know that Jennifer values your experience, story and perspective and that #WeSeeYou!


“Hello, it is so great to see you all here today. My name is Jennifer Nguyen Moore and I’m running to be your next county commissioner!


Equity will be the cornerstone of all decisions I make as your commissioner -- to ensure all in our community thrive and not just survive! I will listen to and amplify your voices as constituents, because I believe we are all leaders and experts in our own lived experiences as Ramsey County residents.


Kimberle Crenshaw, who coined the term in-ter-section-ality, said “when you can’t see a problem you can’t solve it”...and I’m here today to say that through my lived experience and the values I hold as a progressive...I see you.


To our native and indigenous neighbors,




And honor your land we’re currently standing on

To our queer, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender neighbors




And I’ll work to ensure you receive fairness in county services no matter what your sexual preference or gender identity


To our immigrant and refugee neighbors who are facing the constant threat of deportation




I’ll work to ensure ICE stays out of our sheriff’s office and that our county buildings are not used as deportation centers.


To our neighbors with disabilities


WE SEE YOU - my little brother has a disability and my family has utilized disability services from the county. Although he has been labeled as having a disability, it doesn’t stop him from being a caring, social and enthusiastic employee. He works hard everyday at his job. However, his potential isn’t realized. He is given jobs below his skill level, he makes pennies for every hour he works and with the low wage, he is not able to become financially independent.

I’ll work to ensure you have access to meaningful jobs and are paid a livable wage. And that accessibility is at the forefront of our street design and transportation decisions. I recognize there is a wide spectrum of disabilities and will make sure that your needs are always considered.


To our black neighbors




And your lives matter. I will work to diminish racial disparities throughout our county - in our law enforcement, courts, jails, and probation services - and work for restorative justice throughout this system.


To our neighbors living in poverty and living without a home to call their own




My family of 14 survived as refugees in this country because of county services such as WIC and food stamps. I will work to humanize the process of receiving county services and ensure there is collaboration between departments and programs to give you the holistic benefits you need.

And I’ll fight for an increase to the minimum wage -- $15 Now!


To our neighbors who rely on transit




I was dependent on transit from infancy until I got a car four years ago.

And I’ll advocate for better transit service, including bus stop improvements and bus routes with higher frequency, and bus rapid transit that better connect our neighborhoods, as well as multi-modal options and safer streets for pedestrians and bicyclists.


To our incarcerated and formerly incarcerated neighbors




A close family member of mine conducted minor criminal, non-violent offenses in their youth. This has led them through a cycle of jail, incarceration and probation that has created barriers in being a productive individual. The negative impacts of repetitive incarceration are: risks of losing family and children, difficulty in finding meaningful work and, access to supportive housing. Like my family member, I want you to flourish, to feel productive, perceived as a valuable individual and play a key role in our community.

I want you to be able to thrive, not just barely survive. I’ll work for you even if you can’t vote for me right now, and will work for your right to vote, because everyone deserves dignity, respect, and a voice in their government.


To our neighbors who are educators and health workers




And how you go above and beyond in your jobs because of the cycle of poverty that your students and patients are trapped in.


To our neighbors who care about environmental justice




I’ve devoted my career to sustainability and I’ll work to create a zero-waste county and healthy communities that put reuse, composting, and recycling above burning garbage -

where products nor people are disposable.


To our youth and seniors,




As a new mother, I see the importance of molding the development of our youngest minds as well as their parents and caretakers. There are many families in District 3 that live at or under the poverty line that don’t often have the ability to take advantage of childcare or youth development programs. I will work to connect residents to county human services to support families from infancy to high school. This will build competency, community and support to help families be and feel successful. Programs that support early childhood development impact lives to ensure we are providing the best opportunities for our children and families.

As the daughter of elder parents, I value the importance of taking care of our loved ones who have nurtured and developed me into who I am today.

And I will fight to make sure resources for seniors are allocated and accessible for the services you need the most.


To all of the neighbors I haven’t yet met




And I look forward to learning from you throughout this campaign and better understanding who you are, your experience and story, and how the county can better serve you.


To our neighbors who think that too many decisions are made without community engagement and transparency




And I’ll work to amplify and connect your voices to the decision-making process at the County Board.


To our neighbors who have been hungry for new leadership in the county office




And I will be the leader who will create equitable systems and fight for you!


At today’s convention, I ask for your vote as your number 1 choice on each ballot! Thank you for your support, thank you for your vote! Please visit to join our grassroots movement!”

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