We Continue Our Fight

June 12, 2018

This letter was sent to neighbors who attended the DFL convention on March 10, 2018. Jennifer explains why she is continuing in the race. 


Jennifer with her supporters as she files for Ramsey County Commissioner in District 3 late May


Hello neighbors,


It’s been some time since we’ve last talked in March. Since then, I’ve done some reflection and processing. The DFL convention process was a brand new process for me as a delegate and candidate. This was true for many of you; our intention is to include as many people in the political processes who are historically ignored and not invited to the party. Thank you for taking a leap and getting involved in something you may not be familiar with.


Being in that space made me realize there were many unrepresented voices. Two hundred delegates in a community of thousands of voters should not have decided my fate as a candidate. The convention process was meant to determine the best candidate to move forward against the conservative candidate. However, two out of the three candidates rejected the process by refusing to abide by the endorsement.


As such, I will continue to run for Ramsey County Commissioner in District 3. It is apparent in this non-partisan race that District 3 needs a commissioner who is audacious, courageous and reflective of our community. As a bold leader, I have discussed pressing issues our entire community faces and solutions to breaking down barriers. In district 3, poverty is a real problem many of us are unable to escape. As a working professional, I also struggle to make ends meet to put food on the table, repay college debt and fund childcare for my 17 month old child. As a woman of color, I experience the daily oppression from unfair systems such as White supremacy culture. This is not how district 3 or residents in Ramsey County should live. At this point, we are just surviving when we need to be thriving.


Our campaign is powered by people like you! We want to convey that to our entire community. Can I count on your support to elect me as your audacious leader to co-govern with you? Let us know if you would like to make a public statement of support. We’ll post it on our website, Facebook and literature.


This August 14, 2018 let’s give the ENTIRE community the opportunity to decide who should represent you!


In solidarity,






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