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June 21, 2018



The “Zero Tolerance” policy enacted by the federal government is tearing families apart, creating trauma for our youth and is unnecessary. As a parent, I cannot even imagine my child being ripped and stolen from me after fleeing from a country torn by war, corrupt government and other terrible circumstances. We cannot house refugee children in abandoned buildings in cages, with emergency reflective blankets, shrieking and crying for their parents. This is not right; sadly this is the history of America. It is a country that has marginalized our neighbors by creating a construct called “race,” pitting us against one another even though we are one of the same, the human race. This is the country that allowed Trail of Tears, Japanese internment camps, slavery, Chinese exclusion act, to name a few.

We need to recognize our country’s history to avoid repeating racist policies and laws. Now is the time to stand up, fight back and show your disgust. We need you to #Disrupt these systems of oppression before it’s too late. Below are #Action you can do to support these refugee children and families.

  • Voice your disdain; this policy does not need to be implemented. The new executive order to prevent future family separations is not enough. It does not address reuniting 2,300 children to their parents. 45 created a problem by enacting this policy and is attempting to make a “solution” to his own problem. This is unacceptable.

Below is a sample script.

“Hello, my name is _______, I am a constituent of this administration. I am calling to voice my concern of the “zero tolerance” policy and executive order to end separation of families on June 20, 2018. Refugees are fleeing to America for a better life. Upon reaching here, they are met with hostility and hate. Because of this policy, 2,300 children have been ripped away from their families. This was an unnecessary act and will cause physical and mental trauma. I am asking this administration to create humane and swift actions to reunite families and to put a stop to separating children from their parents. Thank you.”


Department of Justice comment line: 202-353-1555
Department of Homeland Security comment line: 202-282-8495
Department of Health and Human Services comment line: 202-205-5445

  • Attend a march and protest 6/30/18 2:00pm in Minneapolis

Facebook event:

Move on registration:

More information about the executive order signed 6/20/18


I cannot talk about the border issue without talking about what’s happening in our own backyard, in Ramsey County, District 3. Children and families are torn apart everyday. Consider what you can do to prevent children from being ripped from their parents for systematic disparities of the justice system, chemical dependency, and consequences of living in poverty. Below are some ideas to prevent this behavior:

  • Challenge racial profiling in the justice system

  • Advocate for solutions better than Boys Totem Town, other solutions that develop our youth to prepare them for the workforce?

  • Decriminalize low level, non violent drug offenses

  • Government lead with empathy and and equity lens - Elect individuals who advocate for this method of co-governance

Please take these actions to create a better world in District 3, Ramsey County, Minnesota and globally.


#TogetherWeCan #KeepFamiliesTogether #NoMoreStolenChildren #CivilDisobedienceNeverHurtNobody #WorldRefugeeDay #StandUpFightBack


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