Poised to be the First Vietnamese Elected Official in Minnesota

August 13, 2018

Jennifer Nguyen Moore Poised to be the First Vietnamese Elected Official in Minnesota



Photo caption: Jennifer and her daughter wearing a Vietnamese ao dai signing a Hmong story cloth


(Saint Paul, MN) -- I am the daughter of Vietnamese refugees. My father served in the Vietnam War and fought alongside American soldiers. Immediately after the war, my parents and siblings fled to America and settled in Minnesota. Adjusting to a new place was difficult for my family. There were many barriers and challenges faced from not knowing the language, not feeling welcomed, experiencing racism and not having access to as many opportunities. As a working poor family, my parents used the little money they had to spread it out to 12 children.

My parents wanted us to succeed, so much at whatever cost to them; they sacrificed by working basic jobs to support my family. My mother Dianna Bui Thi Dong worked for a food factory while trying to learn English, while practicing to get her license to drive and caring for 12 children. My father Winston Tuan Nguyen took on various jobs as a maintenance person, English as a Second language teacher, and a bus driver. My parents knew the value of connection and community, they still made time to help people with citizenship test, applying for jobs, getting people prepared for their new job by providing clothes and driving them to work, serving as a notary public and interpreting for the Vietnamese community. Even though we didn’t have financial wealth, we knew to pay attention to a different kind of wealth, the gifts that people have inside of them. My parents taught me the value of working hard, fighting for what’s right and to do what I can to improve the quality of my life for myself and others.


Once elected, Jennifer Nguyen Moore will be the first Vietnamese elected official in the state of Minnesota! Nguyen Moore will also be the first Asian Commissioner in Ramsey County. This exciting news has been confirmed by Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS), a nonprofit organization that tracks Asian Pacific Islander elected officials throughout the country. (apaics.org)


Minnesota and Ramsey county, specifically, are extremely diverse and encompass many ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Over 15% of Ramsey County population are Asian Pacific Islander (API) residents. Now is the time for adequate representation for the Asian Pacific Islander community and beyond! Having a commissioner that reflects the community is vital for creating policies that benefit all. Jennifer was a recipient of Ramsey County services and has lived in Ramsey County her entire life. Her family have lived in and invested in Ramsey County for four generations. Nguyen Moore is the best equipped leader who will lead and create policies that will benefit our entire community no matter your race, age, gender, sexual orientation and ability.


Be sure to be part of #herstory! Let’s make sure Jennifer Nguyen Moore advances to the November 6 ballot!


Vote for Jennifer Nguyen Moore for Ramsey County Commissioner in District 3 on August 14. Bầu cho Jennifer Nguyễn Moore cho vào ngày 14 tháng 8 năm 2018!

#WinMoreWithNguyenMoore #VoteNguyenMoore on #August14!


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