Thank You to our Supporters!

August 15, 2018


Although we put forward our best effort this campaigning season, Jennifer will not be advancing past the primaries for the position of Ramsey County Commissioner. A big thank you goes out to all of our volunteers and supporters. Without your support, we would not have been able to reach the people we did, or connect with the community in such a meaningful way. I am beyond proud and grateful for my army of staff who invested their heart and soul in this movement. Thank you to Caitlin Schwartz, Jay Colond, Julie Vang, Kelley Dahlen, Leah Herder, Mike Peterson, Nikki Block, Sarah Lukowski, Stella Do, Syed Hasan and Tiffany Thet Htar for your commitment to our movement. Thank you to my husband Kendric Moore and daughter Luna for cheering me on the entire way!


Just know, this is not a loss, we have won in so many ways: we registered brand new voters, we motivated first-time voters and voters who only vote for state and federal elections to pay attention to local races, we have a solid team of volunteers and Deputy Organizers and we made the election process more accessible to the “average resident.” Most importantly we raised the key issues necessary to break the cycle of poverty and eliminate disparities that keep us from thriving.


With our audacious, authentic and grassroots efforts, we garnered 2,503 votes! We were just 169 votes away (1.83%) from beating the 20 year incumbent. That speaks volumes that District 3 is hungry for a new leader!


Jennifer will be taking a short break to spend time with her family the remaining week. We'll be around to collect yard signs sometime next week. If you would like to keep yours, please send us a note at


This does not not mean it’s the end of our movement, but only that it now takes a different direction. Now is the time to make sure our elected officials are held accountable and question the authenticity of those vying for our vote. Be ready to see our faces out in the commUNITY working to make a difference! Don’t stop, we won’t stop.


In solidarity,

~Team Nguyen Moore

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