Equity and Engagement

January 7, 2018

Equity will be the cornerstone of all decisions I make as your Commissioner. Fairness in our policies and services will create opportunities for everyone, fostering independence and breaking the cycle of poverty that exists for many of our district’s residents. Equity is about creating healthy communities throughout the entire county, and ensuring our community thrives and not just survives. All of the issues I present are key issues that impact individuals, families and our community. All issues are connected with one another and if effectively addressed, will ensure our County is lifted out of poverty.


Ramsey County needs to be honest about its disparities and put intention into ensuring its policies and services benefit all residents. This includes being transparent about how racism and other systems of oppression exist and impact all decisions that are made.


Fostering authentic community engagement and ways for residents to take leadership and engage in decision-making is an important piece of creating equitable decisions. We believe everyone is an expert in their lived experience as a Ramsey County resident and we look forward to learning from them throughout the campaign. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to make regenerative communities that supports all. Let’s build together!


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